Recruitment notice

RageQuit's a guild that's grown up with its members. The MMORPG genre has grown and shaped itself over the 12 or so years we've existed, and we're no different.

Maybe you've heard of us before now. Maybe not - doesn't matter. What matters is that RageQuit members tend to be RQ for life, regardless of what games we're playing, we have a habit of breeding bonds that never really break. RQ's always been a group of friends first and foremost, and that's always been reflected in how our guild operates.

In RQ's early life, we were a small, hardcore PVP-focused guild. That's shifted quite a bit. As we grew in size and our members found new interests, we spread out to be less specialized and more dominant over the other realms of play. The RageQuit family's now home to players of every playstyle, and all of them are equally valued.

RageQuit's been around for a long time, but even new members have the opportunity to climb the ladder quickly. There's always leadership opportunities for people who are interested in it - helping relieve enemy guilds of their tradepacks, organizing the guild's crafting efforts, running dungeons, and so forth. Make your interest and ability known, and you'll likely make it into the position you want quite quickly.

If you're interested, check us out. Application link is on the top right corner - Any questions can be directed to our forums, I'll be happy to answer them. ArcheAge is a blast, feels like the open world PVP MMOs from back when the genre was still young, and we'd love to have you along with us for them.